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     Karen's passion for nature, science and design can be seen in the representations of scenic beauty and in the evocative contrasts and complements of pattern found in her artwork.

      Using oil canvas (and oil /cold wax on panel) as well as mosaics, Karen takes expressive and spiritual inspiration from niches in the worlds' ecosystems. 

      "The reward, as an artist, biologist and writer, is to have us consider the Earth less haughtily, more as admirers and caretakers.....and to enjoy the human virtues of innovation, storytelling and free design."

      Karen L Bowen was born in Toronto, Ontario. She and her husband have raised three wonderful children on the banks of the Holland River, in the countryside of King Township and on the shores of Georgian Bay. Karen spent 26 years teaching Biology and math in York Region. Now, she steals time away from work and duty to explore her creative side and to forge an Act 2, through art and writing.

Please visit Wymbolwood STUDIO near Balm Beach/Midland, open all year by appointment or by chance (email or call/text 905-954-5067).  To purchase art, please email, call/text or message FB


To purchase art email me at:

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